How To Use A Hashtag On Twitter

Twitter HashtagsBy Dexter Patterson


1. Only use hashtags on words that actually have a purpose.
2. Don’t use more than 3 hashtags on a post. Too many hashtags looks unprofessional.
3. Check your hashtags and see what type of content shows up. Are there any networking opportunities you can take advantage of?  Is there anyone you can help?
4. Use hashtags for online contests! People love free stuff and you have a better chance of getting them to your company website if you can incentivize their participation.
5. Hashtags are an excellent marketing tool for ongoing/weekly events such as a podcasts or online video series.
6. Hashtags help keep the conversation moving online so use them to your advantage.  Use them to surround yourself with people that share similar interests.
7. Use hashtags at all the live events you attend.  This can help you netowrk with people that may have attended the same webinar, workshop, or conference.
8. Check if your hashtag is already being used. Is the content relevant to your brand?
9. Use your hashtags across multiple social media platforms. If you’re using it on Twitter, then use it on Facebook, and Instagram as well.
10. Don’t use long hashtags we all value our 140 characters.
11. Use hashtags to find valuable information related to your own personal interests.
12. Hashtags work best when they are associated with some sort of media.  Images and links to videos are great examples.
13. Try using hashtags that help people find your brand.
14. Use hashtags for all of your online contests.
15. Only use working links with your hashtags