7 Keys to Success on Facebook


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1.  Search for the conversation:  You should always be initiating or seeking out quality conversations on Facebook. What good is the world’s #1 social networking site if you’re not being social?  Remember your network can have a major impact on your net worth.

2.  Start paying attention to your friend requests:  Numbers are important on social media, but only if those people have some sort of interest in your brand or what you have to say. Check people out before you add them to your network.  Take a few seconds to look at their wall and see what their about.  Do you have anything in common?  Do you want them in your news feed?

3.  Don’t hide your personality:  Way too often people assume that adding a little personality to your social networking sites is unprofessional. However, I believe if you infuse personality into your online marketing efforts you’ll be more productive because you’ll actually be having fun.

4.  Remember it’s not always about you:  Ask more questions of your followers.  Observe their comments and compare them to your current strategies.  Social media is a great tool for gathering new market information and an even better tool for customer service.

5.  Never pay for Facebook “likes”:  If you’re going to pay for anything on Facebook then I suggest you pay to “boost” your own posts. This method of advertising allows you to target a specific audience and you have the comfort of knowing the people you are targeting are real people.  On the other hand,  buying “likes” is simply a scam and a waste of money.  Having “likes” from a bunch of “ghost” accounts may look good to the outside world but it’s bad for business.  They aren’t commenting on your posts or generating any conversation about your brand.  They will never share your content with their friends because they don’t exist.

6.  Start sharing other people’s content:  I know all you care about is promoting your own brand.  However, I believe it is very important for you to be willing to help other people online. Why should you take the time to help other people?  Helping others is a great way to build positive working relationships and an extremely efficient way of creating meaningful opportunities for yourself.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar

7.  Follow through:  I think the biggest mistake most people make on social networking sites is that they don’t follow-up with people they already know.  Create a list of people that have been influential to the success of your brand.  Reach out to these people on a regular basis and search for ways to take these solid online relationships offline.