Episode 2: Love It Learn It

EPISODE 2:  “Love It Learn It”


Why Quality is better than Quantity on Social Media


Why Quality is better than Quantity on Social Media”

By Dexter Patterson





When I first jumped onto social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter the only thing I was worried about were the numbers. In my mind, the numbers would instantly produce results and boy was I wrong! I would add people to my networks constantly but I had no idea if they even had a genuine interest in my brand. I just wanted to build my online resume and I thought that authority came with Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Over time, I started to realize that I rarely engaged with any of these new people on my networks. On a business level, this was very discouraging. You hope that you can grow your brand via social media and for some reason I wasn’t seeing the results I expected. I also noticed that my personal online experience took a sudden turn for the worse. I had nothing in common with these new people I was adding to my networks and I started to pay the consequences. Their tweets were annoying and don’t get me started with the daily soap opera that takes place on my Facebook news feed. I was so worried about numbers that I forgot to be what I would call, a “choosy social media marketer.” I was polluting the quality of my own target audience.


 8 Tips on how to be a “choosy social media marketer”


  1. First of all, you should never pay for Facebook likes or Twitter followers. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to escape the work. It may make your ego feel good or look cool to other people, but remember those fake followers will never be of any real value to you. Trust me I have been fooled myself!!

  2. Make sure that the people you let into your network actually make you or your brand better. You could easily add 1,000 random people to your Facebook account but you will have much more success if you target just a 100. When I say target, I mean you have to do a little research on these people. Read their bio and see if you have anything in common. Check out their latest posts and see if they seem worthy of your time. Why is time so important? Time is money!

  3. Let your unique perspective on life shine bright on your social networks. Remember authenticity will always attract more quality people to your brand. It will also start to attract people that share your perspective and that is great for business.

  4. Never be to good to learn from others. Pay attention to how they interact with their target audience. What’s working for them? What would you change? How could you do things better? Apply your own creativity to existing methods of success and your going to see progress.

  5. Actually reach out to the people that like your status or re-tweet your content. Pay attention to the people that are already showing your brand support. Save their contact info and try adding them to your email list. Follow up with them once and awhile with a personal thank you and exclusive offer. Take advantage of their support but also show them that you appreciate it.

  6. There is nothing wrong with showcasing your successes. If you have accomplished something good share that with people. If someone says something nice about you online share that story. In the end, we are all human beings behind these keyboards so never be afraid to make a human connection. Personal connections are a great way to increase the quality of your following.

  7. Spend time in the same online communities as your target audience. Engage with people and pay attention to the discussions that are going on. Is there any opportunity for you to showcase your brand or showcase your value to someone? If so take advantage of those opportunities and you will start to increase the quality of your following.

  8. Remember social media is alive so you must always remain active and that doesn’t mean telling people what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. All successful brands post with a purpose. They post things that they know their target audience will find valuable. The people that think about the needs of their target audience are the ones that succeed.


Rhyme and Reason of Twitter Vol. 2

By Dexter Patterson



My last blog post entitled; “The Rhyme and Reason of Twitter”, generated a lot more traction online than I expected.  To my delight, the post sparked a lot of positive debate amongst my peers online.  The post also allowed me to actively engage with my target audience in a way that has never happened before.

Mark W. Schaefer’s book The Tao of Twitter, was the inspiration for my initial post.  This book has not only changed how I view Twitter, but how I view my entire online experience.  After reading Mark’s book, I have gained almost 400 new Twitter followers on my professional Twitter page.  In addition, I have connected with so many thought leaders that my own skills get better on a daily basis.  I’m learning from the best and I now have the confidence I need to be a leader in the music industry.

How you can get the most out of your Twitter experience

Before you start worrying about gaining new followers, you need to focus on how to get the most out of your own Twitter experience.  Focus on your strategy and determine what people you want to connect with the most on Twitter.  Don’t forget Twitter always works best if you are actually networking!  Appreciate the fact that you can easily learn from some of the best in your industry.  No matter how good you think you are, no one makes it to the top alone.  So swallow your pride, learn from the best, and start to enjoy your Twitter experience.

Let’s get your Twitter game tight!

I had a tons of people ask me; “How can I get more followers?”  First of all, if you want more followers, you need to make a good first impression.  If you want to be treated like a professional then you need to carry yourself like a professional.  Make sure your profile picture and Twitter background are of industry quality.  Make sure your personal bio actually tells people some valuable information about you and your brand.  Your image is everything when you’re promoting online so please don’t take any shortcuts.

We also need to become choosier with the people we engage with online.  Before you follow someone it might be a good idea to actually check out his or her profile.  According to Mark Schaefer, “More relevant connections = more opportunities for business benefits.”  Are they even a real person? Pay attention to their posts and whether or not they have a habit of sharing other people’s content.  If they actually share other people’s content, then it’s probably a good idea to add that person to your network.  Constantly evaluate whether or not you think you can gain anything from each connection you make.

Spend most of your time on Twitter trying to network with people that can actually make you better.  Pay attention to what makes these individuals successful.  Is their content better than yours? Is their marketing approach more creative than yours?  Do they post to their sites on a more consistent basis?  Do they genuinely seem to appreciate their fans? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself if you expect to have success on Twitter.

Building trust with your target audience

Building trust with your target audience should always be your top priority.  We need to open our ears and start listening to the needs of our fans. Provide them quality content and show them you know how to deliver.  When you start to deliver you will start to build trust, and that trust is what matters the most online.

Make your most loyal fans a part of the team

We really need to allow our fans to help us more often.  They have the ability to spread your brand much faster than the typical email blast sent to a bunch of random people without an actual connection.  Taking good care of your current fans will always help you get new ones. Remember, word of mouth advertising will always be one of the most powerful marketing tools we have.  Here is a great way you can put some of your loyal fans to work. Develop online street teams made up of some of your biggest supporters.  Give them a mission and allow them to work their magic.  Offer them free music downloads, exclusive access to new videos, or even some custom merchandise.  If you have an event coming up, put their name on the guest list and don’t ever forget to thank them for their hard work.

Wrap up

Trust me if you’re willing to put in the work Twitter will eventually pay off.  Stay patient and believe in the process.  I highly recommend that you pick up Mark’s book The Tao of Twitter so you can have your own “a-ha moment”. 

This post was inspired by my recent coursework at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I highly recommend you grab a copy of Mark’s book if you want to take your social media marketing to the next level.  You can buy The Tao of Twitter on Amazon today.  

The Rhyme and Reason of Twitter

rhyme and reason

Why Twitter is a Musicians Best Friend”

By Dexter Patterson

I don’t know about you but I have never taken Twitter very serious.  To be honest, I thought Twitter was all hype because I couldn’t see the value in it.  I could tweet until I turned blue in the face and still see no results.  All I wanted was more followers but once again that little blue bird failed to deliver.

I was ready to give up on Twitter until my professor assigned a book The Tao of Twitter by Mark W. Schaefer for a recent assignment.  The Tao of Twitter, is the #1 selling book on Twitter in the world and I had no clue it even existed.  I must admit I went into this book extremely skeptical because I had pretty much given up on Twitter.  I had come to the conclusion that Twitter probably only worked for famous people.  Boy was I wrong! Reading Mark’s book has truly changed my life.  If it weren’t for the Tao, I would be just another uneducated and extremely frustrated Twitter user.  For years, I tried marketing my brand to the masses on Twitter.  I have had my fair share of success but I must admit my approach wasn’t very efficient.  Not only was I failing to stay in contact with my loyal fans but I started to lose sight of my target audience.  This is when I had my “a-ha moment.”

It’s time for a new approach.

After reading Mark’s book, I challenged myself to take things to the next level.  I no longer viewed Twitter as a burden but as a potential resource to grow as an artist and businessman.  I now realize Twitter has an endless supply of information and it is full of incredible opportunities.  I now spend my time on Twitter following industry leaders and learning as much as I can from them to better myself.

One of the core principles of The Tao of Twitter is developing a targeted audience.  I know this sounds simple right? But 9 out of 10 artists fail to do this properly.  We assume because we can get a few Facebook likes that everyone likes us.  We assume we are marketing our music to our fans but how much do we really know about these so-called fans?  As musicians, its imperative that we start to market ourselves to people who actually like us.  My professor at UW-Madison Don Stanley said; “Remember we all start at zero”, but if you work hard you will not stay at zero forever.

As artists, we need to try to have a little more patience.  Don’t ever let your want for more fans impact the way you view the fans you currently have.  Why are your current fans so important?  According to Mark Schaefer, “No amount of work, time, or dedication to marketing and social media networking will work if you haven’t surrounded yourself with people who might be interested in you and what you have to say.”  How can you find these dedicated fans?  According to Mark Schaefer, you have to provide them with “meaningful content” that is worthy of their attention.  Your content is what will establish your value on the social web.

We also need to stop wasting our time connecting with everyone.  Focus on connecting with people who offer something positive to your growth as an artist and business professional.  The Tao of Twitter suggests we should seek out connections with the thought leaders in our industry.  “Remember that it’s not essential for somebody to follow you for you to realize some business benefits.  Twitter is a great learning tool; so, if a celebrity, author, industry leader, or professor doesn’t follow you back, relax and just enjoy the information they provide”, said Schaefer.  Remember it’s not always about you.

Sharing is caring…Yes even for Musicians!

We really have to check our egos online and realize that it’s in our best interest to support others. Not only does this show you genuinely care but also it can create opportunities for you to collaborate with other artists.  In addition, collaborations are great because they can help you gain new ears for your music, and new ears can lead to new fans.  We are always so worried about ourselves that sometimes we forget to engage in the social part of social media.  Just keep it real!  “You can’t fake authenticity”, said Schaefer.

We can’t be afraid to give our fans more of us in our marketing efforts.  Fans will always support someone more if they feel a real human connection with that individual.  As an artist, don’t ever be afraid to show people who you really are.  Mr. Schaefer did a guest lecture in our class and he said; “When you write from your own perspective, you have no competition.”  Remember we all have the power to be an original!

In the end, put in the work and be patient.

It’s sad because as artists we are constantly comparing ourselves to the success of others. We are always beating ourselves up if we don’t have instant success.  Social media marketing is hard work.  We need to start focusing on the quality of our music and be more creative with the way we market our content to the public. We need to establish our voice and make it heard on a regular basis. Remember social media is alive and to reap the benefits of it you must live it.  Continue to network with people who make you better because we all need to be pushed in order to reach our full potential.

This post was inspired by my recent coursework at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I want to send a special shout out to my professor Don Stanley (@3rhinomedia).  I also highly recommend that you grab a copy of Mark’s book if you want to take your social media marketing to the next level.  You can buy The Tao of Twitter on Amazon today!!

Peace and Progress


Turning Musicians into marketing experts


By Dexter Patterson


Recently I posted a question on my Facebook page that really got my attention.  I asked my following this question; When you hear the word “Rapper” what’s the first thing you think about?” The post sparked quite the debate and the comments ranged from; “Tupac”, “Eazy E”, “Biggie”, “Chief Keef Bang Bang LOL”, “Artist”, “cellophane” and may favorite “here we go with this shit again”.  However, not a single person mentioned the word business in the entire post.  I mean why aren’t more “rappers” and musicians for that matter viewed as good business people?  Why can’t the majority of independent musicians survive off their God-given talent?  The simple answer is they probably haven’t been taught the basics of good business.

At DRP Marketing Solutions, we are determined to help the average musician become more effective with the online marketing of their music. We want to help turn more “rappers” into self-sufficient business people.  I mean let’s keep it real for a minute.  If you truly love your music, then you should treat your music with as much respect as possible.  Learn how to survive as a businessman first, and you will be able to turn your passion for music into a viable career.

 10 Keys to having Online Marketing Success:

1.  Make things as easy as possible for your supporters. Do not tell them to check out your new song and you haven’t even attached a proper link. No one should have to work harder just to help YOU. YOU have to start thinking about your fans because without them you don’t exist.

2.  Remember to always try to collect as many emails as possible from your fans.  Be creative with it offer exclusive downloads and new band merchandise.  Hold weekly contests via email to encourage active participation.  Sites like Mailchimp are great for artists attempting to create a professional email exchange with their supporters.  Mailchimp also lets you track the effectiveness of your email campaigns.  Knowing how many people are actually opening your emails let’s you analyze which emails are most effective.  Ignoring the statistics of your online presence is pretty much career suicide.  

3.  Stop trying to sell something to people all the time.  First you have to try to build their trust.  Engage with your audience as much as possible. This will create a connection and then you will have more than enough opportunities to sell them something in the future.

4.  Don’t expect overnight success with your online marketing efforts.  The most important thing for you to do is to remain patient, consistent and make the best music possible.  Don’t get caught up in the hype, remember quality will always win over quantity. 

5.  Remember it takes awhile to build a real relationship with someone online.  So when you engage with your target audience you must remember to keep it real with them at all times. There are way too many fake and robotic marketers in the industry.  They do everything with auto respond robots and actually think they are doing something innovative.  I’ll admit automation can help save you some time, but eventually you will start to lose touch with your audience.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t take advantage of the technology but if you use automation use it wisely.  As a small business owner, your relationship with your customer is vital.  What these robotic marketers don’t realize is that they will start to lose some of their customers simply because of their lack of human interaction.

6.  I know a lot of marketing experts use the word target audience, however, most musicians have no idea what this means.  They just add as many people they can on Facebook and Twitter without any rhyme or reason.  The worst thing you can do is waste your time and resources on people who could careless about you.  We can’t please everyone, so you might as well focus your efforts on the few that you can.  Keeping your current fans happy will definitely generate new business.  They are going to be the people who actually share the links to your music.  They are going to be the ones that tell their friend at work about this awesome new artist they found online.

7.  It is extremely important that you work with industry professionals on all your marketing materials.  Everything should be top quality including your EPK, Bio, One Sheet, and photographs.  If you can’t do these things in-house then you need to outsource the work to a designer within your budget.  I have said this before but always remember; How you look online does reflect how you are viewed in the real world.  

8.  When you start marketing your project don’t ever stop thinking about your audience.  It’s easy for musicians to get so caught up in what WE want that WE forget who matters the most……The FANS.

9.  Always keep your promises.  If you offer something to a customer you have to deliver.  Don’t send people trick emails just to get them to click on your new video.  That is a breach of trust and an easy way to lose supporters.

10. Remember online marketing should be social. Constantly remind your supporters that you appreciate them.  I promise they will be a lot more willing to buy something if they feel you genuinely care.      

Have any other questions?  

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“If you love it learn about it”


5 Quick Tips!!!

By Dexter Patterson


1.  If you love it learn about it.  Pick up a book, read a few blogs, and educate yourself on the business of music.

2.  Remember how you look online can impact how your viewed in the real world.  Always maintain a professional appearance online.

3.  Never let anyone out work you when it comes to your own career.  A persistent artist is a moneymaking artist.

4.  Take care of your current supporters like VIP’s.  A true supporter will always be an asset to your business.

5.  Finally, never let failure become an excuse.  Learn from your mistakes and remember it’s never too late to be better.