3 Secrets To Making Your Facebook Page More Visible


3 Secrets To Making Your Facebook Page More Visible

By Dexter Patterson

Update your profile picture on a weekly basis:

Updating your profile picture and or cover photo on a weekly basis makes your page visible to people that may not have seen any of your recent posts. Why?  First of all, the  new Facebook algorithms love images and images tend to receive the most traction online. The more people that engage with your image the more visible that image becomes in your timeline.  As a result, you get more traffic and your Facebook page becomes more visible.

The images you use don’t have to be used just on your profile picture either.  You can also share graphics of inspirational quotes, or share info-graphics that you feel will benefit your target audience.  In the end, all the images you use will help drive traffic to your Facebook page.

I know a lot of businesses choose to use their company logo as their profile picture on Facebook which is fine, but pictures of real people will always help create a stronger human connection with potential clients. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather support a real life person over a logo any day.  Furthermore, I suggest that you use professional high quality photos for your profile picture.  If you want to be treated like a professional, then I suggest you start looking like one.

Sharing content that can entertain, inspire, and help others:

When you share content that is entertaining, inspiring, and helpful, you will instantly generate more traffic for your page.

Don’t be that person posting selfies every day bragging about how great you are.  Don’t be that person that is always trying to sell someone something!

When you share things that entertain, inspire, and help others, you are no longer a salesmen, you are a resource.  Business is business, but remember social media always works best when it’s kept social.

Engage with more people:

The key to having success on any social media platform is engagement.  If you’re blessed enough to create content that other people find valuable, then you need to engage with as many of those people as possible.  I know this may sound time consuming, but it will be time well spent.  Engagement leads to opportunity and opportunity is all you need to experience success.

Start paying attention to the people that “like” your posts.  Facebook chooses the people that see your posts based on engagement.  Typically we only reach between 2-10% of our Facebook friends with a single post.  For this reason, you must put in a little more work if you want more people to see your content.

I challenge you to track your engagement on Facebook for a week. You will quickly notice that you probably only interact with a handful of people on a regular basis.  If you dig a little deeper into your friend list you will find tons of opportunities for engagement.  This also helps you determine whether or not people are wasting your time.  If they don’t “like” anything you do, or they aren’t sharing your content, then maybe its time to consider removing them from your friends list.  Start focusing your promotional efforts on the people that show genuine interest in your brand.  If you do this, I promise your Facebook page will  start to become more visible.


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