Why Quality is better than Quantity on Social Media


Why Quality is better than Quantity on Social Media”

By Dexter Patterson





When I first jumped onto social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter the only thing I was worried about were the numbers. In my mind, the numbers would instantly produce results and boy was I wrong! I would add people to my networks constantly but I had no idea if they even had a genuine interest in my brand. I just wanted to build my online resume and I thought that authority came with Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Over time, I started to realize that I rarely engaged with any of these new people on my networks. On a business level, this was very discouraging. You hope that you can grow your brand via social media and for some reason I wasn’t seeing the results I expected. I also noticed that my personal online experience took a sudden turn for the worse. I had nothing in common with these new people I was adding to my networks and I started to pay the consequences. Their tweets were annoying and don’t get me started with the daily soap opera that takes place on my Facebook news feed. I was so worried about numbers that I forgot to be what I would call, a “choosy social media marketer.” I was polluting the quality of my own target audience.


 8 Tips on how to be a “choosy social media marketer”


  1. First of all, you should never pay for Facebook likes or Twitter followers. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to escape the work. It may make your ego feel good or look cool to other people, but remember those fake followers will never be of any real value to you. Trust me I have been fooled myself!!

  2. Make sure that the people you let into your network actually make you or your brand better. You could easily add 1,000 random people to your Facebook account but you will have much more success if you target just a 100. When I say target, I mean you have to do a little research on these people. Read their bio and see if you have anything in common. Check out their latest posts and see if they seem worthy of your time. Why is time so important? Time is money!

  3. Let your unique perspective on life shine bright on your social networks. Remember authenticity will always attract more quality people to your brand. It will also start to attract people that share your perspective and that is great for business.

  4. Never be to good to learn from others. Pay attention to how they interact with their target audience. What’s working for them? What would you change? How could you do things better? Apply your own creativity to existing methods of success and your going to see progress.

  5. Actually reach out to the people that like your status or re-tweet your content. Pay attention to the people that are already showing your brand support. Save their contact info and try adding them to your email list. Follow up with them once and awhile with a personal thank you and exclusive offer. Take advantage of their support but also show them that you appreciate it.

  6. There is nothing wrong with showcasing your successes. If you have accomplished something good share that with people. If someone says something nice about you online share that story. In the end, we are all human beings behind these keyboards so never be afraid to make a human connection. Personal connections are a great way to increase the quality of your following.

  7. Spend time in the same online communities as your target audience. Engage with people and pay attention to the discussions that are going on. Is there any opportunity for you to showcase your brand or showcase your value to someone? If so take advantage of those opportunities and you will start to increase the quality of your following.

  8. Remember social media is alive so you must always remain active and that doesn’t mean telling people what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. All successful brands post with a purpose. They post things that they know their target audience will find valuable. The people that think about the needs of their target audience are the ones that succeed.



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